Salt Tile

The WARRLICH salt tile comes from the salt mountains between the Indus and the Himalayas in present-day Pakistan. It consists of pure rock salt, which at over 500 million years is twice as old as the oldest salt deposits in Europe. Since the amount of crystal water is only about 4 percent by weight, the WARRLICH salt tile is ideally suited to be used in the grill or oven without being damaged.

Heat up the WARRLICH salt tile slowly using indirect heat or medium direct heat. The food to be grilled should be lightly oiled and seasoned but not salted, the WARRLICH salt tile gives off a fine touch of salt when cooking. Place your food on the grill when the plank has reached the desired temperature.

Ideal results are achieved if you grill indirectly with the plank or directly with the lid closed. Turn the food to be grilled once halfway through the cooking time. You can serve your grilled food directly on the WARLICH salt tile. To do this, carefully remove the hot plank using a grill glove or grill tongs and place it on a wooden board. With thicker food to be grilled, it may be necessary to add a little more salt at the table.

To clean, wipe the WARRLICH salt tile with a damp cloth until all residue is removed. Then allow to air dry before storing. The WARRLICH salt tile can be used several times, but will shrink a little with each cleaning.

Salzfliese 1,1 kg Art.-No. 53659
VE 10 / VEP 75 EAN 4012425 53659 6